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How Do You Deal With Bad Training Days?

It's a question that gets asked over and over again and cycles through the mind of every athlete.

Last week I was feeling pretty beat up and let down by my training not being as great as I had planned it to be. 

To travel 2 hours each way for training on the previous weekend and feel beaten by nagging injuries impacting overall energy and motivation is a huge disappointment. 

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How To Make A Strongman Log Part II

One of the beautiful things about wooden strongman logs is that each one has its own character. Every homemade strongman log is a little bit different and it’s good to embrace that fact and have fun with training. However, if you’re training strongman events in order to be competitive you need to pay a little more attention to the detail that goes into your homemade wooden log.  

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The Number One Thing That Is Holding Me Back In Strongman

What I am doing to improving my weak link and how you can apply it to fixing anything holding you back in your own training.

Having a strong ability to press things overhead is a critical component to being a successful strongman. I really suck at overhead pressing and as a strongman competitor, that is inexcusable. This is my journey to making immense improvements on the number one thing that is holding me back. It will also serve as a guide to how you can balance out your own weak points. 

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