Strongman Training With The Big Boys

This weekend I had the opportunity to train with some real Ontario Strongman competitors. After contacting them they offered to give me some assistance with improving my lifts, so I made the trek to Trenton for some events training. It was a heavy a heavy ass day and it was awesome! I got to try out some events I hadn't done before and got advice on some  of the more commonly seen events.

So with that being said I wanted to share some of what I learned so that it may also help you with your event lifts. I will try to also make some videos guiding you through these lifts in the future!



Log Press

  • You want a good stable base for log pressing, so have your feet positioned at shoulder width or a little wider apart.
  • The first movement to your lap is similar to a barbell row. From there you want to sit back and get the log in your lap with your upper chest pressed against the log.
  • The next movement involves rolling the log into the racked position by thrusting your hips forward while leaning back.
  • You should take your breath while the log is in your lap, because when the log gets heavier you will lose your stable base by trying to breath in the racked position.
  • Use leg drive to get the log past the crown of your head and finish the lockout with the press.
  • Drive your head under the log to help with the press and keep your centre of gravity under the log. It helps to put something on the ground about 8 feet ahead of you to have something to focus on when you are trying to get your head into the right position.
  • Events training days will usually include push pressing, in order to improve your strength on these movements incorporate more strict pressing into your routine.

Yoke Walks

This was my first time doing yoke walks so I'll have to practice them a lot more before I will really have them figured out.

  • Remember to keep your head up and looking straight ahead.
  • Get a wider stance for the pick and then bring your feet in closer when you start walking the yoke

Viking Press

  • Drive at the viking press on an angle to get more force into it and be in a stronger position to push more weight

Giant Circus Dumbbell

  • The real trick to tackling these beasts is to get half of the 'bell behind your head and resting on your back, so that when you drive through the weight it will pop off your back and your centre of gravity will be underneath the weight.

Atlas Stone Loading

  • When gathering the stone in your lap, hold it to your upper chest and grab underneath the centre point so that when you extend with the stone you will be up and over as high as possible.
  • Wear tight clothes when stone loading so that it doesn't get in the way when it sticks to the stone.


What exercises would you like to try that you haven't done before? Leave a comment below!