Seasons of Strongman - Year 1 and Year 2

Seasons of Strongman is first and foremost the book that the strength world was lacking and it's the book that I wanted it to be. It’s much longer than the typical training manual because the journey to greatness is long. Its narrative flows, rather than being made up of bullet points and interspersed sentences. You learn not only the how, but also the 'why', which is necessary for a large portion of the population with the tendency to demand the 'why' when working on habit change. It’s developed for the athlete who wants to think and reason their way through their training, nutrition, and even mindset journey. Seasons of Strongman is my first response to what is lacking in the average training program and manual. 

Working off of the information in the book provides athletes with everything they need for at least the next couple of years on their strength adventure, other than the feedback on lifting technique that has to be done in person. 

As perfect as this is for the lifter convinced of his or her journey, it can be overwhelming for some of the brand-new beginners who just want to know how to get started out in strongman or strongwoman. There are also those who are confident enough in their own ways to feel that they can skip any talk of beginner information. The former category doesn’t need to maximize their abilities to win competitions, the latter only wants to know that and nothing else. 

With this in mind and based on the sheer amount of information I had structured in Seasons of Strongman, I’ve created separate volumes called “Year 1” and “Year 2.” Because the seasons revolved around a cyclical structure that worked ideally for such a division, the beginners now have their option of trying things out first with Year 1 and the more advanced strongmen and strongwomen, ready to step to the top of the podium, can go straight to Year 2 and save time and effort on the foundational factors that they already have a comfortable understanding of. 

I’ve included chapter 13 in both volumes of the book because that’s the chapter in which the expected timelines to advancement are talked about. This chapter is important for all athletes to consider, as it can help the decision-making process when you need to start shifting your plans from simply gaining experience to being prepared to put everything on the line in order to go for the win. 

Year 1:

• Chapters 1-13 from Seasons of Strongman
• All Appendices
• Strongman Offseason Strength Training Program and Guidelines Manual
• Globo Gym Strongman Guide






Year 2:

• Chapters 13 - 24 from Seasons of Strongman
• All Appendices
• Sample Pre-Competition Training Program and Guide to Developing Competition-specific Programs
• Pre-Competition Checklist