Events Announced - Canada's Natural Strongest Man 2018

The stage has been set for the 2018 Canadian Hercules competition on July 28, which is a qualifier to the WNSF championship in Hungary. 

Each year the top drug-free lifters in Canada vie for that qualifying spot to get to compete internationally with the best in the world. 

The events are designed to test the full gamut on strongman abilities and this year is no different. 

Without further adieu, here are the events for the 2018 competition. 

(Events are listed based on the information available at this time. They may not be in sequence or have all the complete details.)

Farmer’s Walk

275 pounds per hand in a head to head battle. There will be three legs of 50’ each. The weight must be set down and picked up after each 50’ stretch. 


Circus Dumbbell Medley

Sequentially press 125 lb., 140 lb., 170 lb., 200 lb.


Last Man Standing Deadlift

Opening weight at 450 lb. Weight will increase to 540, then 630, 680, 730, 780, 830, 880 until there are two athletes remaining at which point they will choose their weights for their attempts. 


Super Yoke Squat

This head-to-head event will feature squatting a 600 lb. super yoke for reps.


Loading Medley

Presumably, this would be the final event at the competition, which is traditional for a loading event. 4-5 objects will be carried and loaded onto a platform. Last year this featured a 400 lb. sandbag, so I’m wondering if it will be making a return to the centre stage.