Find a Better Gym This New Year

The incessant whir of rows upon rows of treadmills.

People standing around chatting and taking selfies.

Where are the people actually putting in the work to achieve their goals in the gym?

If you are serious about your goals, why are you still a part of this environment?

You can call this the Health Club Syndrome.

Most gym goers this new year flocking to commercial gyms, better yet known as “health clubs,” may fancy getting in shape, but use that as a veiled excuse to spend the time being social and then treat themselves to frappucinos after they've put in what they deem to be enough work.

Don’t let this be your gym experience this year.


Finding a Better Gym

It’s time to find a better gym, one that will provide you with a community that will encourage you to achieve and maintain your goal. A gym where individual goals may be quite different but where the tribe thrives on each and every one is highly driven to succeed.

It’s not always a simple process to find these gems of gyms. They don’t have the unlimited budgets of the large-chain gyms and might look rather small and unassuming from the street or parking lot of a warehouse complex.

Flashy new gym equipment as far as the eye can see looks nice but it isn’t going to do the work for you to reach your fitness goals.

Tires, med balls, kettlebells, and iron - these are the things that demand hard work and chisel out your success as a result.

Before getting caught in a contract with your name brand gym, take the time to do some research into the gyms in your city and see what different options are available to you.

A Google or Bing Maps search is a great place to start to get a sense of what’s around you.

Then dig into more of the details to find out about the community in the gym.


Lifter’s Home

Lifter’s Home was created to help you to get the essential information that will allow you to find the perfect gym community to assist you in reaching your goals. The map on Lifter's Home categorizes gyms based on the type of gym to help you narrow down your search to the best gyms for the particular niche weightlifting sport you already are apart of or are interested in joining. It also provides all the additional details right on the map to help you choose a gym.

We also take an even more in-depth look behind the scenes of the best gyms in town through featured interview articles with the gym owners and staff to look at what makes these great gyms tick.

If you want to make a more informed decision about what gym you support in your community, check out and see what it’s like to become more than just another number in the big gym chain revolving door.

Big name gyms can be fun because you might know a lot of people there already but in no way does that compare to the encouragement you get from a full tribe of like-minded individuals encouraging you to succeed. This often creates the difference between reaching your short-term goal and falling off the wagon and redefining your entire life with your new-found fitness to create lifelong success.

If your health and fitness goals are meaningful to you this year don’t just follow the crowd to the local health club. Take the time to research gyms yourself or visit Lifter’s Home to save yourself the time of hunting for the details and find the right community to help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Lifter’s Home is community-based project dedicated to helping individuals with an interest in particular fitness niches find their perfect gym, whether relocating, travelling, or just looking for a fresh start with a new fitness activity.