Are You Fat Phobic?

The Fundamentals of Good Nutrition series continues with a look at fats and how essential they are for your health. The purpose of this article series is to provide a basic overview of the main components of the foods we eat, to help everyone tackle some of the widespread misconceptions, and to give you the tools to create a meal plan to help you achieve whatever your goal may be. 

Part 1 looked at the energy in our foods, called calories and how it is technically possible to eat whatever you want and still lose weight, if you eat below your body’s required energy needs, but this isn’t optimal for good health. Part 2 was a primer on proteins, the first macronutrient we looked at, which you want to eat enough of to maintain strength and vitality as you age. 

In this article I hope to shed some light on possibly a new perspective for you with respect to expounding of the following ideas:

- how much and what types of fat should you eat?

- why there are undeniable benefits to eating organic foods if your goal is overall health and longevity.

- the one fat you don’t want to skimp out on in your diet. 

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