Since 2005, I have been digging deep into the science of nutrition and fitness. In 2011, I discovered the sport of strongman and found the niche that most resonated with me. 


My Mission

The purpose of The Credible Hulk website is to delve into the science of nutrition and strongman and to merge the two field into maximizing your ability to perform as an athlete and a human being. The overarching theme of my content is that through knowledge, you'll learn how to:

  • Become a winning strongman or strongwoman.
  • Apply better nutrition to become a more dominant and durable athlete.
  • Recipes and nutrition strategies that will help you gain or lose weight to perform your best.
  • Compete naturally, without the use of performance enhancements and still win!
  • Get stronger and healthier, even if you're not interested in competing. 

Ipsa scientia postestas est - knowledge itself is power.
— Sir Francis Bacon

What I've Achieved

  • Helped clients struggling to lose weight reach and exceed their goals.
  • Coached clients to success in powerlifting meets and strongman competitions. 
  • Successfully guided young strongman athletes with healthy weight gain. 
  • BSc. Nutritional Science, University of Toronto.
  • BSc. Psychology, University of Toronto.
  • 6th Place 2016 Eastern Canada Natural Strongest Man.
  • 1st Place 2016 Northern Giants Strongest Man.
  • 1st Place 2015 Clydesdale Power's Strongest Man.
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach.