Probiotics Supplement Review

Not all probiotics are created equal.

We often think that as long as we take a certain supplement from any brand, for any price that it is providing us with some benefit. When it comes to probiotics this couldn't be further from the truth. 

While I love me some kombucha and usually get my daily probiotic fix in the form of Greek yogurt (or even better Skyr) and good ole sauerkraut, there are times where a supplemental probiotic can help, or be necessary, to remedy digestive health issues. 

For IBS sometimes including a probiotic supplement helps to combat the symptoms and improve digestive health. Since some of the fermented foods that you'd typically like to include for gut health may be contributing to the problem, for instance, if the spiciness of kimchi triggers a reaction or you are sensitive to lactose or dairy and can't include yogurt and kefir in your diet, including a supplement formulated to get your digestive system back under control and reduce the irritation can be beneficial. 

Antibiotics that are taken as a last resort to combat a systemic infection wipe out bacteria, both good and bad, from the digestive tract and can leave you in a tricky situation afterwards where bad bacteria can easily gain a foothold on the domination of your digestive system. Probiotic supplements can be particularly important and useful in such situations to rebuild your gut microbiome with the bacteria that support good health. 

With so many different options available in supplement stores and online as far as probiotic formulations go, it's really difficult to decide whether the product you choose is supporting your health and your goals. 

Fortunately, there are great reviews available that do most of the research and groundwork to help you to make the right choices. created a great summary of the Best Probiotic Supplements that lists some of the factors that you should look for in higher quality supplements, as well as the different probiotic bacteria strains that have been most heavily researched in helping with different ailments like IBS, immune health, and antibiotic recovery:

The Best Probiotic Supplement Review

The best probiotic supplements contain at least one billion bacteria cultures and are certified by an independent lab for purity and potency. Even better, they’re guaranteed to be viable; after all, we want those guys alive, not dead. To find the best, we enlisted the help of probiotic and health experts, dug into clinical trial findings, and examined the finalists ourselves. We chose four top picks that each target a specific health goal.

While doing your own research will help you to best understand all of the factors that create effective probiotic supplements, reviews like this can help to set you off in the right direction. 

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