Weights of Wisdom - Who Are You?

Who are you?

Who are you? Ask yourself that question.

Look at yourself in the mirror and take a moment to think about who you are and what you value most. What does life mean to you? What are your goals?

Not quite sure how you feel? How would you answer? You might not have all the answers and that’s ok.

The weights of wisdom will answer these questions for you. They will force the answer from your lips.

Physical training is a sounding board for everything else in your life. Lifting heavy weights, body weight exercises, sports, martial arts, and even long-distance running all teach you more about who you are.

Do you push until you feel the burn and then stop? Or do you keep going, keep pushing for one more rep when your mind is ready to break?

Your body still has more in the tank, don’t quit now.

Arnold used to say that the only reps that count are the ones that come after it starts hurting; after your muscles are taxed and screaming at you to stop.

This is where you fight back against the thoughts in your head, you keep on fighting.

Physical training strengthens both the body and the mind.

Learning to push through the struggle in the gym is the first step of the battle, but the war isn’t won.

We battle the weights with all our might so that we can continue with unwavering resolve against the other challenges in our lives.

But then isn’t it better to save that mental fortitude, save that energy for the rest of life’s battles and not use it all in our training?


Training hones your body, mind, and spirit so that like a sharpened blade you can better cut through anything resisting your path.

We all face resistance each and every day, so we’ve got to be ready to face this resistance at all times.

The weights teach you how to approach each day and each new challenge with strength, courage and zero doubt in your mind that you can handle it. You can make it through.

If you’re lost or struggling to look inside to find your answers, turn to the test of the iron. There’s wisdom in the weights and they’ll answer for you:

“Who are you?"