Put In Work First and Foremost

I've been absent from writing anything new lately, not due to a lack of interest, but simply because of time constraints. I moved to a new city at the start of the month, started working immediately as a nutritionist at a new gym, all while living out of a suitcase and sleeping on a couch.

Quite frankly I'd rather train strongman during my free time than write about it.

Hey, you shouldn't talk the talk if you don't walk the walk!

Today's take home point: Even when you're in the middle of a major transition, keep your training a top priority if it is a passion of yours!

During a move while you don't know where the best gym for your goals will be it can be a good idea to schedule a deload week, but unless you've been training yourself into the ground before the move, you'll probably want to get back into some sort of gym after a week off. Strength can be well maintained with as little as two training sessions per week, so if that's all you can handle during your transition, don't stress out any more than you already are! Just get to the gym and put in work, you'll feel much better pounding away some of the stress with iron.

If you're moving far away make sure you take your gym bag, or at least the essentials with you, as a carry on or in your suitcase.

What are the essentials if you can't fit your whole gym bag?

  • 2 pairs of gym clothes
  • your lifting shoes
  • sleeves (only if you have a joint injury that requires extra support)
  • Your mp3 player or phone (you never know what kind of garbage music the commercial gym you might have to go to a couple of times plays)

That's about it! You can survive without your belt, wraps, straps, chalk, anything else for a week or two and it will actually do you some good! Even if you have to drop the weights you use a bit to accommodate, you can strive to improve your form, depth, stability, explosiveness on the lifts you do.

I'll get back to more regular posting when I figure out where I can fit writing into my hectic schedule.


What equipment of yours is a must have to get your training done?