Weights of Wisdom - Obstacles

Lifting weights is an obstacle; a resistance against the easy road. 
Surrendering to the easy road breeds complacency. 
You don’t want to take the easy road - there’s nothing worthwhile at the end of it.
Everything worth accomplishing requires hardship but how much you struggle depends on how prepared you are to handle the obstacles in your way. 

Failure is an obstacle that cannot be avoided. 
Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of failure. 
The obstacle is a necessity. Obstacles teach you about the value of success and how to traverse your path.
You must go through it one way or another. Sometimes this means brute force to smash through it and other times it requires deftness to recognize and sneak around the obstacle. 

When you are lifting weights in the gym, tackling that iron obstacle in front of you, the iron is honing you.
A honed blade can cut through anything in its way with ease just like a hot knife through butter. 
Mind, body, and spirit all sharpened to an exact edge so that you become ready to handle any obstacle that is in your way. 
The iron forges character and discipline - the forces of greatness. 
When the weights get heavy enough that the slightest hesitation will stop you cold, you don’t fold, you resist even greater, tighten up and grind through the challenge. 

Don’t fear the obstacles in your way, fight them with everything you’ve got.
What you’ve been chasing might be just on the other side. 
Let the obstacle be the way.