Video Vault: KSM 2016 and Battle at Quinte

I love competition day. You get to reconnect and put everything on the line with some of the only people who “get” what it is that you do and why you do it. When the whistle blows and you start the event, nothing goes through your mind for the next 90 seconds or less. It’s nice to get the chance to look back and reflect on your performance in competition, because if you’re really in the zone you’ll have no clue of how you really performed.

I’m very grateful that my mom captures video of most of my competitions when she can make it there. I finally got the footage from Kingston’s Strongest Man 2016 off of her phone, as well as the Battle at Quinte team competition that just took place. 
So without further ado, enjoy the footage.

Kingston’s Strongest Man 2016:

Everything is here in its entirety other than the man vs man pull of war, which came after the Conan's Wheel. Those lasted only a few seconds and we didn’t get them on film. 

You can read the contest write-up for KSM 2016 here.

Battle at Quinte -  Strongman Team Grudge Match:

The next video in the lineup is the Battle at Quinte team competition. Thanks to my teammate Cor-Paul, I was able to get additional footage to piece this competition together nicely.

Not all events went according to plan and you can read about all the details here.