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Weights of Wisdom - Who Are You?

Who are you? Ask yourself that question.

Look at yourself in the mirror and take a moment to think about who you are and what you value most. What does life mean to you? What are your goals?

Not quite sure how you feel? How would you answer? You might not have all the answers and that’s ok.

The weights of wisdom will answer these questions for you. They will force the answer from your lips.

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Righteous Rules for a New You

The "Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation” was a list penned by George Washington that guided his life and the choices he made. Many of my favourite online writers have similar lists, which has inspired me to start creating my own “Righteous Rules” list. The start of January dawns a new year and brings with it much inspiration and motivation to people looking to turn over a new leaf, start fresh, or embark upon new journeys. This is inevitable and should not be shunned by the ultra-successful people who get after it year-round. I believe even those people use this time of year to reflect and look forward to setting and achieving new goals. 

Strength training is an important aspect of my life, but it is just one piece of the pie that is life. What follows is a selection of some of the most important “Righteous Rules” on my ever-expanding lists that I believe can help anyone who is looking to make improvements in any area of their life this new year. Including a basic set of rules like the ones listed into your daily practice will greatly improve your quality of life and invigorate you to help you strive towards any other goals you may have. Taking these small steps will snowball into much larger goals and greater success. 

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