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DIY Bumper Plate Storage Rack

So you’ve got your home gym started, maybe even built yourself a nice platform to lift on, but what about all those bumper plates you just bought? Unless you found a used plate tree for a really good price, you likely don’t want to shell out the dough for a non-essential piece of equipment like that. Not to mention that plate trees don’t work well for bumper plates. You want your fancy home gym to be the envy of fellow lifters. A personal haven for iron destruction and physical construction. Most bumper plates are usually stored in a horizontal rack that lays somewhere near the platform for easy access as you slap more and more weight on the bar...

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All You Need To Start a Home Strongman Gym

"You're going to hurt you back deadlifting that much weight."

"You can't deadlift that much weight, it's too noisy."

"There's no chalk allowed in the gym."

As a strongman, if you don't have the luxury of a strength training gym around you or have spent any time in your average local fitness centre, you've probably dreamt of starting a home or garage gym. 

These are my thoughts and experiences with building a minimalist home gym that still allows me to get stronger and make progress with very limited space.

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