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What's The Difference Between Strongman and Powerlifting Competition Prep?

If you are actively competing in strongman or powerlifting, you are more than likely trying to do every little thing you can to make sure that your performance on competition day is as good as it can be. In my free eBook Maximizing Your Strongman Competition Performance, I shared with you the strategies that any strongman (or strongwoman) athlete can use the week leading up to a competition to ensure that they come in feeling their best physically and mentally for the day of the competition. This is an excerpt of a much larger project I’m working on for a complete year-round training and nutrition guide for the sport of strongman. If you’ve already checked out the eBook, you’ll probably have noticed that I allude to the topics of the night before a competition and the day of competition as separate chapters in the part on competition performance. 


Today I want to go into a little more detail on what I cover on the topics of the night before and day of competition and compare and contrast it with how powerlifters tend to approach their competition preparation. 

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