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What Type of Shoes Should You Wear for Strongman?

Unlike with Olympic Weightlifting where there’s really only one answer to the question, or powerlifting where there’s just a few popular opinions, with strongman footwear is almost as variable as the events. Most of the top strongman athletes in the world go to events with a whole gym bag of footwear in tow. This is a quick guide to the types of shoes you might want to invest in, based on typical strongman events, if you plan on delving down the strongman rabbit hole.

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How To Make a Strongman Log

When it comes to training for strongman technique is critical! There's only so much that brute force strength can do for you with implements that you've never seen before. You can try to replicate the movements as close as possible in the gym, but eventually if you want to move up the ranks then you need to invest in buying or building some strongman equipment. It can be difficult or expensive to find someone who sells or is willing to make strongman tools. Here in Ontario there are a couple of resources available, but logs are very popular and tend to sell out quickly or be unavailable. Therefore I decided to make my own classic strongman log! If made correctly and taken care of a wooden log should be almost as durable as a steel log.

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