2015 Strongman Review

The year 2015 was a transitional year for me. With that being said, I wasn’t able to compete as much as I would have liked. This is a summary of my 2015 strongman season. In 2015 I was much more focused on goals outside of strongman that made it difficult to compete or make progress as much as I would have liked to. Having just completed school this past spring and relocating to Kingston, I was busy finding work and eventually finding a stable job. Working weekends all summer meant that most competitions were not going to be realistic for me to attend. Having just moved to a new area also meant that this year was a time for seeking a new facility to train at and athletes to train with. Fortunately this did come about, although later in the season than I had hoped for.

My goal was to compete in some higher level competitions this year, but it just wasn’t financially realistic for me this year to miss work and travel to competitions. Once I got in contact with the Clydesdale Power group of athletes in Kingston, I was able to find a few competitions left in the season that I could attend at the end of August and in September. I managed to win both of the competitions and had a great time getting back into the competitive spirit. I’ve already created videos for both of these competitions, so for brevity’s sake I will simply link to the videos instead of breaking down each event.

Harrowsmith Kings of Strength 2015