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The Road to Eastern Canada's Natural Strongest Man 2017

Part of the strategy and sport of strongman is the design of your training leading up to a competition when you know what events you will be facing. Since I have to plan out my attack for Eastern Canada's Natural Strongest Man anyway, I thought it would be helpful for newer athletes to see the breakdown of the process when you have a competition in your sights that you want to do well at and are striving to win.

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Sons of Samson 2017

One afternoon; thirteen events. 
Having the good fortune to compete in a strongman competition in the winter in Canada is a rare treat indeed. 
The Sons of Samson 2017 was a charity event run for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and took place in the mall in Brockville, Ontario. As it was meant to be a demonstration of the sport of strongman and the broad range of events we often compete in, we were subjected to the mentally gruelling and physically draining task of thirteen events. Admittedly, for the preservation of the mall floors and to make it a good show the implements we used were all pretty light. The challenge with light events is that everyone is going to perform well, so it becomes a matter of milliseconds who will come out on top for most events. 

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Preparing For a Successful Strongman Offseason

November is a time of transition for strongman in Canada, as the weather changes and the opportunities and venues available for competing drop like the falling leaves around us. Hence, most of us are forced into some sort of offseason. 

For strongman in general, I believe that even if you have the ability to go somewhere to compete every month of the year, you should take some time at some point in the year to have an “offseason." Not only will this allow you to give your body some much needed R&R from the tremendous strain of our sport, but will also give you a chance to work on improving any lagging lifts and build additional muscle where it is most needed to strengthen your defenses against injury and breakdown next season. No matter if you look at it as the end of this season or the start of next season, let's take a look at what the options are and what you should do during the offseason to come back better than ever the next time you compete. 

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Eastern Canada Natural Strongman National Qualifier

Having just come off of a second place finish at the Royal Cities Strongest Man 2016, I felt pretty good about the start of my Strongman 2016 season. Just a few days later I received an invitation to compete at the “Hostyle Takeover - Eastern Canada Natural Strongman National Qualifier.” I was unsure at how I would perform given that by the time I got the invitation I had one weekend to prepare for the competition and then one week to recover prior to the competition, but I knew I had to take the chance…. As I am writing this the ache in my calves is still incredible and has me hobbling around the house like I was donkey kicked in both legs. This past weekend I finished tied for 5th place in the Eastern Canada Natural Strongman National Qualifier, but due to a count-back ended up 6th overall. The following is a recap of what I learned from each event in the competition.

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