Eastern Canada's Natural Strongest Man 2018 Events

This past week the events for Eastern Canada’s Natural Strongest Man 2018 were announced alongside the Western Canada events. This competition is a qualifier for the Canada-wide competition known as the Canadian Hercules which qualifies the top place a spot at the World’s Natural Strongman Federation championship each year. 

The competition is set to take place Saturday, May 12 this year at Joel Stone Park in Gananoque. Athletes will be vying for one of five spots in Canada’s Natural Strongest Man competition. There’s a Facebook event listed here for any athletes or spectators interested in the event. 

Traditionally the competition has served as a stepping stone for the athletes to show that they are ready for the Canadian Hercules stage while not being excessive to the point of risking injury in too many competitors. 

Let’s take a look at the events lined up for this year’s competition, in the order they were announced: 

Press Medley

  • Circus Dumbbell 150 lb. once with each arm
  • Axel Clean and Press 230 lb.
  • Log 250 lb. 
  • Log 270 lb. 

75 Second Time Limit

Farmer’s Walk

315 lb. per hand for furthest distance. 

Carry and Drag Medley

  • Pick up and carry 260 lb. keg for 50 feet and load it onto a sled. 
  • Run back 25 feet and pick up 275 lb. sandbag, carry and load it onto the sled.
  • Drag the 550 lb. sled 50 feet to cross the finish line. 

75 second time limit.

Yoke Carry

Pick up 500 lb. yoke Zercher-style and carry it 50 feet. 

75 second time limit. 

Car Deadlift

Reps for 75 seconds. 

The events selected will offer a well-rounded challenge for the athletes. I can see some of the competitors that will be at the show doing extremely well with some of these events and being challenged a lot more by the other events based on their relative strengths.

While the car used for the deadlift hasn’t been established yet, I can imagine that it will be a very heavy challenge on the deadlift this year, especially in preparation for the demand of the Canadian Hercules. If a smaller car is used it will probably be loaded up with a ton of weight in the trunk, otherwise, something like a Jeep may be used.