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This Is What's Wrong With Superfoods

Superfoods. I wonder what’s trending this quarter? Have you ever noticed that what the media deems hot in the diet world just goes round and round on a delicious conveyor belt buffet like one of those Las Vegas sushi restaurants? But if we all were actually getting healthier overall we wouldn’t need to keep receiving tips on ’the latest superfood you need to include in your diet for this or that magical effect.' 

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Strongman Egg Muffins

Feeling rushed to make breakfast or need an easy mealto take with you on the go or just between bigger meals? I’ve got an awesome strongman recipe for you today that is super easy to make and is delicious both hot and cold. They are also great for anyone looking avoid carbs like the plague. These are the strongman egg muffins. 

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Make Your Own Probiotic Sauerkraut

Do you take your health and athletic performance seriously? One of the most important things you can do to nutritionally to improve your overall health as well as maximize your athletic performance is to include probiotics in your daily practice, either through fermented foods or a supplement. Amongst many other emerging discoveries, probiotic bacteria found in fermented foods help to optimize your digestive system health. 

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The Kraut Chronicles: Probiotics Primer

How addressing this often neglected area of nutrition can help to maximize your athletic potential.

A lot goes into optimizing your nutrition for health and performance. With so many nuanced decisions to make, it’s not surprising that only the top level athletes in the world are dialled in to perfecting every aspect of their diet. Unless you are at the very top level of your game, I don’t believe it necessary for everything food-wise you put in your body to be perfectly suited to your specific nutritional requirements, but striving to be better is always a good goal to have. Because everybody is slightly different, different nutritional strategies and sub-categories of dietary choices will have varying impacts on your results towards your goals. While in the grand scheme of things, total caloric consumption and optimizing you macronutrient ratios to fit your needs will have the greatest impact on your athletic performance, probiotics and enhancing your gut health can have a tremendous impact on your overall health as well as some factors in athletic performance. 

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