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The Kraut Chronicles: Probiotics Primer

How addressing this often neglected area of nutrition can help to maximize your athletic potential.

A lot goes into optimizing your nutrition for health and performance. With so many nuanced decisions to make, it’s not surprising that only the top level athletes in the world are dialled in to perfecting every aspect of their diet. Unless you are at the very top level of your game, I don’t believe it necessary for everything food-wise you put in your body to be perfectly suited to your specific nutritional requirements, but striving to be better is always a good goal to have. Because everybody is slightly different, different nutritional strategies and sub-categories of dietary choices will have varying impacts on your results towards your goals. While in the grand scheme of things, total caloric consumption and optimizing you macronutrient ratios to fit your needs will have the greatest impact on your athletic performance, probiotics and enhancing your gut health can have a tremendous impact on your overall health as well as some factors in athletic performance. 

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2016 Royal Cities Strongest Man

My first competition of the year, the time to shake off the cobwebs and get into the competition spirit for another season, took place in Guelph in April at the Royal Cities Strongest Man competition. Here, I will break down the events in the competition and share what I learned from the competition. You can check out the attached YouTube video to see the events as well. 

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The Number One Thing That Is Holding Me Back In Strongman

What I am doing to improving my weak link and how you can apply it to fixing anything holding you back in your own training.

Having a strong ability to press things overhead is a critical component to being a successful strongman. I really suck at overhead pressing and as a strongman competitor, that is inexcusable. This is my journey to making immense improvements on the number one thing that is holding me back. It will also serve as a guide to how you can balance out your own weak points. 

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