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What Are Dream Goals and Why Should You Care?

As children we all had Dream Goals, grand visions of what success looked like to us. I remember in the 8th Grade Mr. Dupuis had us write a letter to ourselves ten years in the future. We were to talk about the things we would be doing for fun as well as our careers and where we would be living. Mr. Dupuis was creating a subconscious prime in our younger selves that would, unbeknownst to us at the time, set us along a path. We would still have to put in the work to follow that path but this is one of those ‘secrets' hidden in plain sight that those amongst us who have accomplished what they set out to do capitalize on. 

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Eastern Canada Natural Strongman National Qualifier

Having just come off of a second place finish at the Royal Cities Strongest Man 2016, I felt pretty good about the start of my Strongman 2016 season. Just a few days later I received an invitation to compete at the “Hostyle Takeover - Eastern Canada Natural Strongman National Qualifier.” I was unsure at how I would perform given that by the time I got the invitation I had one weekend to prepare for the competition and then one week to recover prior to the competition, but I knew I had to take the chance…. As I am writing this the ache in my calves is still incredible and has me hobbling around the house like I was donkey kicked in both legs. This past weekend I finished tied for 5th place in the Eastern Canada Natural Strongman National Qualifier, but due to a count-back ended up 6th overall. The following is a recap of what I learned from each event in the competition.

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