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Rethinking Supplements - Part 2

Part 2 - Step foot into any supplement store and you’ll be told that the brands layering the walls and shelves are superior to the other brands sold by the competitor down the street. Not only will you hear that you often will be spoon-fed a story about how you must take this or that product because it’s the next big thing, or even worse because you don’t get enough of it from your diet alone. 

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Rethinking Supplements for Strongman - Enriching Your Diet To Eliminate The Pills and Powders

I used to buy into every supplement marketing gimmick under the sun. That’s part of the journey that I think every naive young lifter has to go through to some extent. However, now my perspective has shifted in the opposite direction and I’m starting to explore how it might be possible to push your performance to the limit as a strongman competitor without the use of any supplements at all. 

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