The Warrior Ethos

The Warrior Ethos - Stephen Pressfield

Life Value: 4/5

Entertainment Value: 5/5

The Warrior Ethos
By Steven Pressfield

The Warrior Ethos is a brief and entertaining read about the code that populations like the Spartans lived by. If you loved the movie 300 and want to hear more about the real lives of the Spartans, this is a great read. 

The Warrior Ethos is a strict moral code of the rules that dictate the lives of warrior tribes. In writing this, Pressfield draws the parallel to all humans and the values that can be extracted from warriors to live a better life. This includes taking the values that the warriors applied to fighting war and turning the fight inward to direct it to become mentally stronger and more balanced. 


Who's this book for:

- Anyone who loved the movie 300

- Mind flayers looking to forge an unbeatable mind

- People interested in the history of warrior tribes


Who's this book not for:

- If you're looking for a long and intricate book this one won't satisfy that urge as it's short and to the point.