Own The Day, Own Your Life

Rating: 5/5

To own your life begins with building the momentum that comes from owning a single day. Own The Day, Own Your Life is the perfect guidebook for optimizing your day through health, productivity, and well-being/relationships. I had listened to Aubrey Marcus on his and other’s podcasts before but never read any of his blog posts or other writing. I was impressed by his conversational yet polished writing style and his ability to be both motivational and humorous. This book reads like a how-to manual on getting through the day as a human being. From the first moment, you open your eyes to the last minute before you drift off to sleep at night, Own the Day has got you covered. 

If you are already well-versed in the realm of self-improvement books or have a dedicated fitness regimen, much of what you read in Own the Day will be an overview (albeit, a well-written one) of things you likely already know. However, Aubrey is into some funky stuff when it comes to human optimization, so you’ll still learn a few things that will surprise you. 

For anyone who doesn’t feel their life is in full control or is looking for a place to start for habits and routines that will improve your health and well-being, this is a great book to start with and will leave you motivated to achieve more.