Mind Gym

Mind Gym - Gary Mack

Show me a guy who is afraid of looking bad and I can beat him every time
— Ozzie Smith

Rating: 5/5

Mind Gym by Gary Mack is the ultimate guide to sports psychology and mastering the inner game with sports. Gary Mack was a big-time sports psychologist who had worked with athletes in a wide range of professional leagues. This is the type of book you can’t fully appreciate until you start to apply the information in the book to yourself. 

The writing style in this book is very blunt. Each chapter serves its purpose with a couple of quotes from athletes and then an example of how the practice is applied or a case study of how an athlete has used that principle. There are no excess words or rambling sentences to lose the point over, which is great because each principle can be read over in a few minutes and then used for yourself. 

Athletes dedicated to maximizing their performance and matching their inner excellence to performance on their field of choice will appreciate this book and find value in it. Sports psychology isn’t a brand new revelation so many of the topics may be recognizable to the experienced athletes reading this book but it is still a great book and reference to carry with you as an athlete.