Crushing It!

Crushing It! - Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is the king of boisterous social media gurus but he backs up everything that his larger than life voice spews from his lips with proof that he and the people he advises are in fact crushing it. This book is a short, easy read but full of tons of valuable information (and as my friend Drew points out, it’s great to get the information without hearing Gary’s voice if you can’t stand him). If you need actionable steps to grow your following on any of the big social media platforms of today, this book has the nuggets that have got you covered. Take them, apply them to your own pages daily for a long time, and watch your followers grow. 

This is your social media playbook if you're trying to grow your business or own personal brand. You could listen to hundreds of hours of Gary's YouTube videos or podcasts to gather most if not all of this information but the case studies of people crushing it on each platform and all of the things you can implement being compiled all in one book is worth the cost of entry.