Clydsdale Power Strongman Team

Clydsdale Power is a strongman group based out of Kingston, Ontario. 

Our list of equipment continues to grow and includes:

•Multiple logs, including beginner weights
•Multiple farmer's walk handles
•Tires up to 1000 lb. 
• Atlas stones up to 400 lb. 
• Multiple Circus dumbbells
• car squat/deadlift
•Conan's wheel
•Empty Kegs for height as well as kegs up to 300 lb. 
• Anvil, fire hydrant, other odd weights. 
• Yoke

If you're interested in coming out to train with us, we typically meet each week during the competition season and once every two weeks throughout the winter offseason. Most communication goes through our private Facebook group, so in order to get updates on when we train next, find Giles Sharpe or RJ Kayser on Facebook or send an email in the contact form below and request that your name be added to our Facebook message group.

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