The Purposeful Primitive

The Purposeful Primitive - Mary Gallagher

The Purposeful Primitive is without a doubt the best book on physical training I have ever read. 

This book is logically subdivided into sections on training, mindset, cardio, and nutrition. 

For each section of the book, there are case studies of the “Primitives” who embody the principles of the book, sections on applying the information for yourself, and essays on the subject - which Marty is a master of writing both entertainingly and informative.

This book details the training and lives of many of the legends in strength and powerlifting, including the training programs of Paul Anderson, Kirk Karwoski, Ken Fantano, and Ed Coan just to name a few. Marty also included detailed sections of the diets aligned with his Purposeful Primitive ways including the Parillo method and Ori Hofmekler’s Warrior Diet. 

Any book that goes into depth on the psychological aspects of training gets bonus points in my book and Marty certainly delivered in that sense. This book has the most detailed and useful section on mindset and applying various techniques that I’ve read - even compared to books solely on mindset. 

If you have even the slightest inkling of a passion for training, you will love this book, and I suggest you buy a hard copy as you will want to endlessly flip back to different sections of this book. The stories that Marty has from his decades of training and coaching will also have you falling off your chair laughing. 

Life Value 5/5

Entertainment Value 5/5