Dinosaur Training

Dinosaur Training - Brooks Kubik

Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is an old-school mentality approach to training. Much of what Kubik writes in this book will jive with the “more is always better” modern era. Kubik is vehemently against PED use in sports and smears “druggers” constantly throughout this book. The scientific accuracy of the book is weak but the training methodology is intriguing. Kubik believes in training like the dinosaurs of past strength eras by keeping the volume low but intensity extremely high. Train primarily with singles and use the most difficult forms of lifts that you can, this includes doing squats and bench from the bottom up and using thick bars and odd objects regularly in training. 

If the training style of Kubik does not interest you, the mindset section of this book is highly valuable. Full of stories of the old-school mental masters and techniques to apply for mindfulness, visualization and psyching yourself up for big lifts, this section is what turned my opinion of Kubik’s book from so-so to actually a pretty good training book. 

Life Value: 4/5

Entertainment Value: 3/5