The Benefits of online coaching

Why seeking a coach online might be right for you and when you'd benefit from meeting your coach in person. 

If you’ve already got some experience with exercising and are committed to making improvements, online coaching might be the best option for you, as well as being way more affordable than hiring a trainer or nutrition coach by the hour. 

An online coach is by your side holding you accountable for a much greater percentage of the week than the hourly personal trainer, while also being a fraction of the cost when directly compared. 

Online coaching has been paving the way for the new definition of success with training and nutrition coaching. 

The reality is that if you want to achieve some major goal it’s going to take a long time. A lot longer than those 6-weeks to swimsuits crash courses promise. 

The problem here is that most people cannot afford a top-level trainer for the extended period of time it takes to see major body transformation results and health improvements. Having a coach that can guide you on the process of forming new life-long habits for better health holds you accountable and leaves you assured that you are on the right track. 

Online coaching means you have someone available to hold you accountable more regularly throughout the week while also being more affordable.

That’s why myself as well as many other experienced coaches see great success with online coaching clients.

The Olórin Nutrition and Strength online coaching program was developed to be completely customizable to all aspects of helping you achieve whatever dream goal you have. No matter what's holding you back, we've got you covered with a solution to keep you on the journey to success. 

Will it be easy? 

No. Change is never easy.

Will you love the feeling of accomplishment when you've achieved and surpassed your dream?


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  • Great for anyone new to lifting learning the basics of proper movement.
  • Coach can be your "rah-rah cheerleader."
  • In-person analysis for correcting movement patterns. 
  • Face-to-face time is great for well-being. 



  • Prohibitively expensive for most people to continue for the time it takes to see success.
  • Usually only spend 1-3 hours total per week with coach.
  • Requires a base level of motivation and drive to get started. 
  • Accountability doesn't usually extend as well beyond the training window.

In-Person is right for me


Online Coaching


  • Full-time contact with your personal coach for assistance with any questions.
  • Coach helps to hold you accountable at all times.
  • Costs a fraction of what in-person training does.
  • Video analysis to critique and correct movement patterns. 
  • Realistic to continue for several months to several years in order to see real success.
  • Train on your own schedule and receive feedback to continue progressing. 



  • Requires a base level of motivation and drive to get started.
  • Perception of online coaching is marred by inauthentic or inexperienced coaches, trainers, and "gurus."

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