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2016 Strongman Review

What did 2016 look like for you? 
For me it came in like a lamb and out like a lion. I started out feeling hopelessly beaten by nagging injuries and lacklustre gym options and ended the year making incredible progress and proactively treating any pains that stood in my way. 

Have a look back at highlights of competition, articles, and training in strongman this past year for me.

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Preparing For a Successful Strongman Offseason

November is a time of transition for strongman in Canada, as the weather changes and the opportunities and venues available for competing drop like the falling leaves around us. Hence, most of us are forced into some sort of offseason. 

For strongman in general, I believe that even if you have the ability to go somewhere to compete every month of the year, you should take some time at some point in the year to have an “offseason." Not only will this allow you to give your body some much needed R&R from the tremendous strain of our sport, but will also give you a chance to work on improving any lagging lifts and build additional muscle where it is most needed to strengthen your defenses against injury and breakdown next season. No matter if you look at it as the end of this season or the start of next season, let's take a look at what the options are and what you should do during the offseason to come back better than ever the next time you compete. 

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The Importance of Hydration For Athletes

Over this past summer I spent some time working with a local juniour varsity football team and taking some time to educate them on hydration and electrolyte balance for athletic performance. I quickly learned how daunting a task it is to hold the attention of a group of teenaged boys for more than a few minutes, but I digress.

I felt it would be good to adapt the information from my talking points into an article, since proper hydration is important for all athletic endeavours, especially those that take place outdoors during the summer heat. Strongman, Football, Basketball, Soccer, and even Crossfit; regardless of your sport, take a couple minutes to read this and ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to optimize your performance through proper hydration. 

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Kingston's Strongest Man 2016

This past weekend marked the 2016 Kingston’s Strongest Man and Strongest Woman competition. It was a scorcher of a day without a cloud in the sky, but silly things like the weather conditions never stop strongmen from doing even sillier things like deadlifting cars. Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, there were only three men competing this year. While I like to hang out with and go up against more competitors, I had trained specifically for this competition, so what it really came down to was trying to improve on my own performances in training leading up to the competition. I was confident that I would perform well regardless of who showed up at the competition. 

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Sprint Towards Your Goal: Weak Point Training Review

When it comes to training, we all have our relative strengths and weaknesses. In strongman, having a practically unlimited selection of events that can show up in a competition, everyone is going to have a weaker event or event category. Dedicating time to working on bringing up lagging events or honing strengths will boost you towards long-term goals. 

A couple of months ago I wrote about how I was going to be addressing the issue of my lack of pressing strength. Between competitions this summer I spent six weeks targeting my overhead pressing in an attempt to create a better balance between upper and lower body capabilities. Having gone from making pretty good progress with pressing last summer, I was setback with a shoulder problem over the winter that left me in a weakened state. 

What follows is what has worked incredibly well for targeting my weakpoint of pressing and has built bigger triceps and shoulders, allowed me to set new pressing PRs, and even eliminated my shoulder pain!

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What Type of Shoes Should You Wear for Strongman?

Unlike with Olympic Weightlifting where there’s really only one answer to the question, or powerlifting where there’s just a few popular opinions, with strongman footwear is almost as variable as the events. Most of the top strongman athletes in the world go to events with a whole gym bag of footwear in tow. This is a quick guide to the types of shoes you might want to invest in, based on typical strongman events, if you plan on delving down the strongman rabbit hole.

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