2018 Canadian Stones of Strength

Nestled under the trees and surrounded by the droning of hundreds of bagpipes and the rat-a-tat of marching drums is how we found ourselves as the 2018 IHGF Canadian Stones of Strength got underway. With the backdrop of Lake Ontario visible between and sword fighting lessons going on across the park from us, we couldn’t be in a better position to compete while still being shaded by the trees. 

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This Is What's Wrong With Superfoods

Superfoods. I wonder what’s trending this quarter? Have you ever noticed that what the media deems hot in the diet world just goes round and round on a delicious conveyor belt buffet like one of those Las Vegas sushi restaurants? But if we all were actually getting healthier overall we wouldn’t need to keep receiving tips on ’the latest superfood you need to include in your diet for this or that magical effect.' 

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How Do You Deal With Bad Training Days?

It's a question that gets asked over and over again and cycles through the mind of every athlete.

Last week I was feeling pretty beat up and let down by my training not being as great as I had planned it to be. 

To travel 2 hours each way for training on the previous weekend and feel beaten by nagging injuries impacting overall energy and motivation is a huge disappointment. 

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